Welcome to BoUnCe BaR

This is an establishment in the social community Second life. Bounce Bar has been up and running since 2009 and is a place were mainly people from Scandinavia (and also people of various nationalities tends to show up) met up for weekend parties (and sometimes more often. 

The people here are indeed active in local chat and there is always some hilarious topic on that line.


So, we welcome YOU as well, to have a great time with us. We are indeed helpful and don’t hesitate to ask for help on any matter.


We promise that you’re among friends and we'll treat all equally as long as they follow the simple rule:  Have a ball and don’t be mean.


Style of music @ BoUnCe BaR

High level of dance music with a lot of Rock tunes as well.

In short: We @ Bounce Bar, strive to bring people together for a better world and giving you a great time, whenever you are here.


So a little: when, what, who,


Session are held (a.t.m.) on  Fridays 01:00 PM /22.00 CET to late...


DJ Apollon often goes totally bananas on the air and plays and talks like he was on fire. The sets are usually until everyone drops and he’s the last man standing. So if you’re up for an all nighters, this is the place to be.

Sometimes we even throw in a band or a guest DJ.


WHO is DJ Apollon?


Since 2007, DJ Apollon has continuously been playing his sessions in Second Life. The scenes have varied a lot since then. He’s been an active DJ in RL since the 80’s. DJ Apollon releases at least 10 own mixes per year, he writes own material in several genres.


DJ Apollon has created many clubs under his own name, such as The JOKER, SPACE CLUB, THOLT CLUB and BEACH BREEZER, GOD GODS CLUB, FALLEN GODS CLUB, SKIVBUTIKEN & BoUnCe BaR,  to name a few.


He also started Yadkin Valley with Iendi Laville, an event SIM in Second Life that combined many cultural events during a two years period.


Currently there is only one active club powered by DJ Apollon: BoUnCe BaR.


Second Life is a community that is simply a fantastic world and it’s constantly in motion.

But there is another side to consider regarding DJ Apollon. He has an aptitude for playing strange variety of bizarre music, mainly Nordic country styled ones. With this music and his voice wrapped around it, he enjoys a great number of citizens in Second Life.

© 2018 by  Apollon Allen @ BoNcE BaR PRODUCTIONS

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